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Thursday 4. March 1819 !
This day between 1, and 2,O'Clock in the afternoon, anchored in Sydney Cove, the Ship Surry Transport, Commanded by Captain Thomas Raine, with 157 Male Convicts from England, from whence She sailed finally on the 17th. of Octr. last, touching at Rio de Janeiro, which she left on the 22d. of Decr. in Company with the Lord Sidmouth Male Convict Ship for this Port. —

Mr. Mathew Anderson of the R. Navy is Surgeon Supdt. of the Surry; and a Detachmt. of the 84th. Regt. of 30 men have come out as the Guard over the Prisoners. —

Lieut. Statham of the 84th. Regt., who Commanded the Guard, died on the Passage; also one Soldier and three Convicts; – the rest of the Troops & Convicts arriving all in good Health. —

Mr. Terry, his wife, & 11 children as Free Settlers and also two Pensioners, are come out Passengers in the Surry. —

L. M.

Thursday 11. March 1819 !
Early this morning anchored in Sydney Cove the Male Convict Ship Lord Sidmouth, Commanded by Capt. Wm. Gunner, of which Mr. Archd. Lang R. Navy is Surgeon Supdt., with 158 Male Convicts from England, guarded by a Detachment of the 84th. Regt. Commanded by Lieut. Andrews of the same Corps – the Guard consisting of 33 Soldiers.

The Lord Sidmouth sailed from England on the 27th. of Septr. last – being 5 months and 12 Days ! – but she touched at Rio Janeiro – and staid there 12 Days. None of the Convicts died on the Passage, and are all arrived in good Health. I received no Public Dispatches – or even Private Letters by the Lord Sidmouth. The only Passengers come out in her are two old Soldier Pensioners. —

L. M.

Friday 12. March !
The Govt. Colonial Brig Prince Leopold Commanded by Mr. Robt. Brown, Sailed this day for Port Dalrymple & the Derwent, with Sixty Male Convicts for the latter Station. —

L. M.

This forenoon The Surry Male Convict Ship Capt. Raine, Sailed directly for the Derwent, being chartered by this Government to land 150 Male Convicts at that Settlement at the rate of Two Pounds Sterling per Man – Govt. finding Provisions. — As the Settlers here do not at present, in consequence of the late Floods, require any Convict Servants – and as I find they are much wanted by the Settlers on Van Diemen's Land, I have deemed it advisable to send thither all the Convicts who came out in the Surry with the exception of Seven Men kept here for Government and Individuals. —

Monday 29. March !
The Govt. Colonial Brig Elizabeth Henrietta, Commanded by Mr. Smith, arrived early this morning in the Cove from Port Dalrymple, having been absent Eight Weeks in making this Voyage. —

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Macquarie, Lachlan. Diary 9 July 1818 – 28 February 1821.
Original held in the Mitchell Library, Sydney.
ML Ref: A774 pp.30-32. [Microfilm Reel CY301 Frames #432-434].

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