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Monday 1. February !
The Govt. Brig Elizabeth Henrietta Mr. David Smith Comr., Sailed early this morning for Port Dalrymple wt. 92 Male Convicts, Slop Clothing & Stores for that Settlement. —

Monday 8. Feby 1819 !
This afternoon anchored in Sydney Cove the Govt. Brig Prince Leopold, Commanded by Mr. [name omitted] Brown from the Derwent, which She left on Monday the 25th. of last month – with Troops & Prisoners for Head Quarters; bringing up the Detachments of the 30th. & 48th. Regts. – which came out as a Guard under Lieut. Waddell of the latter Corps, over the Convicts lately arrived at the Derwent direct from England on board the Ship Melville Capt. Wetherall.

It blew a very hard Gale all this Day from the South East – which Drove some of the Ships in the Cove from their anchors – and the Tottenham Transport got on shore with out being damaged or injured.

Wednesday 10. Feby !!!
Capt. Dugald Mc.Dougall, CoMr. of the Ship Tottenham, died at Government House, this morning at Half past 1,O'Clock, universally regretted. — Capt. Mc.Dougall is supposed to be in his 41st. Year !

L. M.

The Ship Tyne Commanded by Capt. Bell, and Ship Hadlow Commanded by Capt. Craigie, the former for Batavia and England, and the latter for Bengal and England – Sailed this forenoon on their respective Voyages —

By the Tyne, I have sent Home, in charge of Capt. Bell, a Pair of very fine Black Swans for our Friend Jas. Drummond Esqr. M. P. for Perthshire –; Capt. Bell taking also charge of a Letter for Mr. D. from Mrs. Macquarie. — I made Capt. Bell of the Tyne a Present of a large full grown Emu – but which is a little lame in one of his Feet.

Thursday 11. Feby !
This Day between 2 and 3,O'Clock the Remains of the late Capt. Mc.Dougall were interred; his Funeral being attended by all the Civil & Military Officers of the Garrison, and the other Gentlemen of Sydney, as well as by all the Naval Officers now at Port Jackson – with the Officers & Crew of his own Ship – carrying the Ship Ensign in front of the Corpse; the whole forming a grand, solemn, respectable and numerous Procession from the Government House to the Church – and thence to the Burying Ground.

The Private Merchant Ship Harriet Commanded by Capt. James Jones, anchored at 3,O'Clock this afternoon in Sydney Cove from England, from whence She sailed on the 19th. of October last being 3 mos. & 23 days.

The Harriet brings out Private Goods and Merchandize and a number of Passengers. — I have received no Public Dispatches or Private Letters by this Conveyance. — The Harriet brings accounts that the Surrey Male Convict Ship sailed from England for this Country on the 16th. of October last. —

The Queen was alive when the Harriet left England – but so very ill that her Demise was expected every Hour. —

I this day received Letters from Wm. Cox Esqr. – And some other Magistrates at Windsor, reporting a partial Inundation of the Hawkesbury and Nepean rivers – and which had done some damage to the Maize Crops in the Ground – but not to the Wheat or Stock of the Settlers. —

The Flood commenced at Windsor late on Sunday Evening the 7th. Instant – and the River continued to rise Slowly till Wednesday morning the 10th. Instant – when the Water was nearly Stationary – and only rose about 3 Inches in the Hour.

No Lives have yet been lost by this Flood. –

Sunday 14. Feby 1819 !
H. M. Cutter Mermaid Lieut. King, having The Honble. Mr. Justice Field and his Lady on board, arrived in Sydney Cove late this Evening from the Derwent – which they left on the 7th. Instant. —

Monday 15. Feby
The Alert Brig Commanded by Capt. Chas. Brodie anchored this morning in Sydney Cove ladened with merchandize from Batavia – but last from the Derwent from whence She sailed on the 8th. Instant.

The Detachments of the 46th. Regt. and other Corps in India, in all about 230 Noncommissioned Officers & Soldiers, under the Command of Capt. Wallis of the 46th. Regt., embarked this morning on board the Ship Tottenham to join their respective Corps in India. —

Sunday 28. Feby !!!
The Ship Tottenham (Capt. Davey Comr.) with the Troops for India under the Command of Capt. Wallis, Sailed early this morning for Madras from the Heads !

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Macquarie, Lachlan. Diary 9 July 1818 – 28 February 1821.
Original held in the Mitchell Library, Sydney.
ML Ref: A774 pp.24-29. [Microfilm Reel CY301 Frames #426-431].

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