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Thursday 1. April 1819 !!!
This day at 2,O'Clock in the afternoon, the Ship Shipley Transport, Commanded by Capt. Moncrief, weighed anchor and Sailed from Sydney Cove on her destined Voyage for England – and cleared the Heads of Port Jackson for 4,O'Clock the same afternoon with a fine fair Wind.

The Detachment of the 84th. Regt. consisting of 5 Commissioned Officers, and 192 Noncomd. Officers & Privates, 21 Women and 31 Children – under the Command of Capt. Bernard of the same Corps; together with 8 Naval Surgeons, Lieut. Jno. Watts of the 46th. Regt., Lieut. Marshall of the 48th. Regt., and 4 Men & 5 Women Private Persons, went Passengers in the Shipley; making in all 268 Passengers, exclusive of the Officers & Crew of the Ship. —

I gave my much esteemed Friend and late Aide de Camp Lieut. Watts, charge of my Public Dispatches for H. M. Ministers & H. R. H. The Comr. in Chief, together with sundry Presents of Birds, Plants, &c. &c. for the Royal Family & Secry. of State. —

L. M.

Tuesday 6. April 1819 ! —
This afternoon the Colonial Brig Queen Charlotte (belonging to Mr. Birnie Mercht. of Sydney) Commanded by Lieut. Johnston R. Navy, sailed for the Cape of Good Hope on a Trading Voyage. —

This day at 12,O'Clock – I visited and inspected the King's Magazines at Sydney, and found them all in good order, and the various Store and Provisions deposited in them in good Preservation, and good Condition, as well as well arranged. — I was accompanied by Major Druitt, Capt. Antill, and Lieut. Macquarie; — Depy. Comy. Genl. Drennan, and Dy. Asst. Comy. Genl. Cordeaux, being in attendance to shew us the Magazines.

N. B. I discovered that Depy. Comy. Genl. Allan had Purloined two Ammn. Carts !!!

L. M.

Wednesday 7. April 1819 !!!
This forenoon at 11,O'Clock, I sent Brigade Major Antill to place Deputy Commissary General Drennan under arrest, at the instance of Lieut. Colonel Erskine C.B. Commanding the 48th. Regt., on charges preferred by that Officer against him for Insolence, Disrespect, and insubordinate Conduct. — At 1. P.M. the same day, I sent for Depy. Comy. Genl. William Cordeaux, the next senior effective Officer in the Commissariat Department in the Colony, and directed him to take charge of the Department during the Arrest of Depy. Comy. Genl. Drennan. —

L. M.

Saturday 10. April 1819 !!!
This Day were Executed – pursuant to their Sentence – the Malefactors Timothy Buckley, Timothy Ford, and David Brown, for the wilful murder of William Cosgrove late District Constable of the South Creek, on the 1st. day of this present month of April. —

Friday 16. Apl. 1819 !
This Day were executed pursuant to their Sentence, the Criminals John Jones, Thomas Ray, and Thos. Smith, Tried & Convicted of Felony at the last Criminal Court. —

Sunday 18. April 1819 !
This forenoon the Ships Genl. Stuart, and Lord Sidmouth, late Male Convict Transports, Sailed from this Port for India, the latter having Lt. Robison with the Detachmt. of the 24th. Regt. as Passengers on board for Calcutta.

L. M.

Thursday 22. April 1819 !
This morning the Ship Surry commanded by Capt. Thomas Raine, returned from the Derwent after having landed her 150 Male Convicts at that Settlement.

Qr. Mr. Mc.Donald of the 46th. Regt., and Capt. Mc.Kay of the Bengal Establishment Came Passengers in the Surry from the Derwent, where they had been landed from the Brig Greyhound from Bengal.

The Colonial Schooner Sindbad arrived on the same Day from Port Dalrymple.

Friday 23. April !!!
This morning were executed pursuant to their Sentence the Malefactors John Petree, John Green, and John Brennan, for Robbery, House-Breaking, and assault; the latter Felon having died in a most hardened unfeeling manner. —

On the same day the Brig Greyhound, Commanded by Capt. Thos. Ritchie, arrived from Bengal, with 7 Convicts on board, having touched at the Derwent.

L. M.

Wednesday 28. April 1819.
I went up early this morning in the Carriage, accompanied by Mrs. Macquarie and Lachlan, to Parramatta for the purpose of inspecting the new Roads and Public Works now in progress at, and in the Neighbourhood of that Station.

We remained at Parramatta during the whole of Wednesday & Thursday and returned to Sydney again on Friday morning.

Friday 30 Apl. !
Last Night arrived from Newcastle the Govt. Brig Lady Nelson, giving Convoy to the Govt. Boat "William Cozar" – which had been Piratically cut out and carried off about two years since by a Gang of Runaway Convicts from Sydney. — She was found some time since about 100 miles to the Northward of Port Stephens, in consequence of information received from one of these Piratical Runaway Convicts (named Gipsey Smith) who was taken sometime afterwards; and now safely brought back. —

L. M.

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Macquarie, Lachlan. Diary 9 July 1818 – 28 February 1821.
Original held in the Mitchell Library, Sydney.
ML Ref: A774 pp.33-38. [Microfilm Reel CY301 Frames #435-440].

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