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Tuesday 12. Feby 1822.

At 11. a.m. the 48th Regt. Paraded under arms in the Government Domain, forming a lane from Government House to the North Gate, leading to the Private Landing Place below Lachlan's Garden on Bennelong's Point; the governor, Lt. Governor, the Principal Civil and Military Officers of Government and other Gentlemen of the Town of Sydney, as well as many from the Interior, assembling at the same Hour, at Government House, to take leave of me on my departure from the Colony.

At Noon, Mrs. Macquarie (attended by Sir Thomas Brisbane), our dear Boy, and myself, set out from Government House accompanied by all those Gentlemen who came to take Leave of us, as well as by an immense concourse of the other Inhabitants of Sydney, who followed us through the Domain and the Place of Embarkation; manifesting by their melancholy looks and by every other possible desmonstration [sic], their sincere and undisguised regret at our departure from the Colony

Taking leave of those Friends who thus attended us, we embarked on board the Government Barge by Half past 12 o'clock at the Private Stairs, accompanied by Sir Thomas and some few of our more particular Friends.

From thence we were slowly rowed through the Ships in the Cove, which were all manned with Colours displayed, and many of them Saluting in honor of the occasion; the Battery saluting at the same time with 19 Guns.

The New Fort (named Fort Macquarie) and all the Rocks on Bennelong's Point, as well as Dawes Battery -- and the Rocks on the Western Side of the Harbour, were covered with Men, Women, and Children, and a vast number of Boats were also sailing or rowing in the Harbour full of People, cheering us repeatedly as we passed along through them. -- This was to us a very grand and gratifying sight -- but at the same time a most affecting scene, and could not be viewed by Mrs. Macquarie or myself without the deepest emotion, after a residence of upwards of Twelve years amongst these poor attached People!

By 1. p.m. we got on board the Surry, where Capt. Raine her Commander and his officers received us with all one attention.

Sir Thomas Brisbane, and our other particular Friends, who accompanied us on board, inspected our accommodations, and were much pleased with them.

The Govr. and suite remained on board with us till 2 o'clock and then took a cordial and very friendly leave of us. -- The Ship then got under weigh, and worked down the Harbour, intending to get out to Sea if possible before Sunset. -- The Wind however blowing strong from the South East obliged us to come to anchor in Watsons Bay for the Night. -- All our Servants, Baggage, Live Stock and Stores, having been Shipped some few days before our own Embarkation, we are now ready to go to Sea at a moment's notice -- Capt. Antill, and our good faithful Serjt. Whalan, remained all night on board with us. ---

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