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Thursday 20. Decr. !
A Cart with all our Breakfast things was sent off at 3 o'clock this morning to Sidmouth Valley 7 miles on, with orders to Halt there and have Breakfast ready for us there by the time we should arrive. ---We sent on the rest of the Baggage at 6 o'clock, and followed it ourselves at the same time. ---We arrived and Halted at Sidmouth Valley at 8 o'clock. ---Breakfast was quite ready, which I had the happiness of taking under the shadow of the same Tree that stood immediately in front of our sleeping Tent when my dearest Elizabeth was with me here in May 1815.

Having made a very hearty Breakfast we pursued our Journey at 1/2 past Ten. ---We turned off to the Right from the Road to "Campbell-River" towards "O'Connell-Plains", crossing the Fish-River to Hassell's Establishment, and thence through "Macquarie Plains" (-- which at this time looked very beautiful indeed --) and afterwards through Bathurst Plains; visiting the different Farms located thereon, including Mr. Cox's Establishment, nearly opposite to the Town of Bathurst.

We crossed the Macquarie River, by the usual Ford, to the Town about 3 o'clock, disce. from Fish River 25 miles by the Route we pursued.

We rode directly to the Government House, and put up our Horses. ---I then went to see the Troops, the Stores, Barracks, Granary &c. &c.

I found a great number of the Natives waiting here for me for several Days, and they immediately came to see me at Government House -- to the amount of 15 Persons. ---We dined at 5 o'clock -- the Baggage having all arrived about 4 o'clock.

In the Evening the little Town of Bathurst was very neatly illuminated in honor of my arrival in it -- and the Natives entertained us with a very good Karauberie at Night, which lasted till 11 o'clock; -- at which Hour we retired to Bed.---

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