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Monday 16. Octr. 1820.
Having resolved on making a Tour of Inspection to the new Country some time since discovered by Charles Throsby Esqr. to the South West of the Cow Pastures, I set out this morning at Half past Six o'clock from Parramatta on my intended Tour in my Carriage, with my old faithful Valet George Jarvis, having previously taken an early leave of all that is dear to me in life.

I sent off my Heavy Baggage on Friday last the 13th. Instant, together with my Servants under charge of Thomas Evans the Orderly Dragoon, appointed for this duty with orders to halt at Stone Quarry Creek in the Cow Pastures till my arrival there. ---The Party to accompany me on this Tour consists of Major Antill, Lt. Macquarie, Mr. Meehan, Dr. Reid R. Navy, the Revd. Mr. Cartwright -- and Mr. Throsby; the two latter, and Mr. Meehan having appointed to meet me at Liverpool -- or on the road beyond it. ---

Halted at Liverpool to Breakfast and bait our Horses. ---At 9 o'clock set out from Liverpool; the Revd. Mr. Cartwright and Mr. Meehan having joined me there. ---Travelled in my Carriage by the Bringelly and Cow Pasture Roads, to the Ford of the River Nepean at the Governor's Hut -- where I was met by Mr. David Johnston the Supdt. of Govt. Stock -- and Mr. Charker the Prinl. Overseer of Govt. Stock, to guide the Carriage across the River and afterwards to the Prinl. Govt. Stock-Yard. ---I crossed the Ford on Horseback -- and found it very firm and good. ---The Carriage also passed it without any difficulty. ---After passing the Ford, I went again into the Carriage to the Govt. Stock-Yard, travelling all the way through a beautiful rich Park-like Tract of Country; the Stock Yard being 3 miles from the Ford. ---From the Govt. Cottage built some time since for the residence of the Overseer of Stock, there is a very fine Picturesque view of the Surrounding Country -- and of Mount Hunter in the foreground -- there being most excellent Pasturage for the Government cattle at this station. ---I inspected the Govt. Herds, consisting of 550 Head of young Cows & Steers, in two separate Herds. ---After inspecting the Cattle, we were entertained by Mr. Johnston with a very neat cold collation, wine & spirits -- which we all partook of very cheerfully.

Having finished our repast I mounted my Horse Sultan and rode along with the other Gentlemen over the Hills by a short cut to Stone Quarry Creek; Joseph proceeding the longer way, by Mr. McArthur's Camden Farm to the same station, having by that route 14 miles to go which we go in 10 on Horseback. We passed through some very rich verdant Vallies between Mounts Taurus and Hunter before we ascended the Ridge which connects them. ---We stopped for Half an Hour at the large Govt. new Paddock within Half a Mile of Stone Quarry Creek to examine the Govt. Invalid Herd at that station -- and found them greatly improved. ---This is the station where the Wild Cattle are first brought when caught to be reclaimed. The Stockmen had the good fortune of driving in 19 Head this morning -- which I found in a separate Paddock -- and in very tolerable good condition.

From the New Stock-Yard, we pursued our Journey to Stone Quarry Creek -- where we arrived at 1/2 past 4 o'clock -- and found all our Servants and Baggage all snug and safe encamped on the South Side of the Creek. Joseph arrived with the Carriage in half an Hour after us. ---The Servants stupidly enough, had not Pitched our Tents; neither had they prepared any Dinner for us, which was still worse; but, as we had all made a hearty meal at Mr. Johnston's, it was of the less consequence. ---Our Tents were immediately Pitched and the Cook soon roasted a couple of Fowls for us, and we sat down to a very good Dinner at 6 o'clock.

Before I left the Govt. Stock Yard, where we first Halted and took our Lunch today, I was so much pleased with the Beauty of the Situation of that spot, that I was induced to name it "Cawdor" in honor of my dearest Elizabeth's Family; this Place having no particular name or designation before. I ordered also that two addl. Rooms should be added to the Cottage at Cawdor for my own -- and Succeeding Governors' accommodation -- whenever I may happen to visit this part of the Country.---

We sat a very short time at Dinner -- had Tea -- and went early to Bed. ---

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