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Monday 3 Ocr. ---

Wishing to make myself sufficiently well acquainted with the capabilities of that Tract of Country commonly called the Cow Pastures, and thence how far it may be practicable to tame the Wild Cattle ranging in the said Tract of Country; I set out this morning from Sydney in my Carriage, at 6 o'clock, with a view to satisfy myself in these particulars, having engaged the following Gentlemen to accompany me on this Excursion vizt.

1 Mr. Secry. Campbell --

2 Paymr. Campbell 46th Regt.

3 Wm. Cox Esqr. J.P.

4 Mr. Hassall Supdt. Govt. Stock

5 Jno. Oxley Esqr. Surveyor Genl.

6 Mr. Meehan Dy. Surveyor Genl.

7 Brigade Major Antill -- and

8 Lieut. Watts A.D.C.

I arrived at Mr. Moore's at Moore Bank, George's River, at 8 o'clock -- and Breakfasted there soon afterwards; -- Sending the Carriage on to the Town of Liverpool to remain there for a sufficient number of Hours to Bait and rest the Horses. Went up by water from Mr. Moore's to the Town of Liverpool -- and having viewed the several Improvements going on there, set out from thence in the Carriage at 12 o'clock. -- Travelled through a fine looking open Forest Country all the way to the Ford of the River Nepean near the Government Hut, Crossed the Ford in the Carriage -- the water not being above six inches High, and went on about a mile beyond the Ford in a Southerly direction where I found my Tent Pitched and all my Servants and Baggage encamped; it being a very beautiful situation, close to the Bank of the River, and at the foot of a fine sloping Bank about 4 miles East of Mount Hunter. -- Here the whole of our Party joined, and we took up our ground for the Day at 1/2 past 2 o'clock. -- Found several Natives here. -- Walked about till Dinner Time to see the Country and sat down to a very good Dinner at 5 o'clock. -- Drank Tea at 7 -- and went to Bed at 9 o'clock. ---

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