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Tuesday 25. April 1815.

At 8 o'clock this morning Mrs. Macquarie and myself, after having taken leave of our beloved infant, set out in the carriage on our long projected journey to visit the new discovered country to the westward of the Blue Mountains. Arrived at Parramatta at half past 9 o'clock. Breakfasted and remained there till l o'clock, and then set out for Mrs. King's farm on the South Creek, where we arrived at 3 o'clock, and took our quarters up here for the night; the distance from Sydney being 32 miles. We were accompanied from Parramatta by Major Antill, Lieut. Watts, Doctor Redfern, and Mr. Hassall to Mrs. King's farm, where we found Mr. Cox and Mr. Meehan waiting for us. We all dined here very comfortably and went to bed at an early hour.

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