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Friday 16th. Novr. 1810 !
--- At 6 o'clock this morning Mrs. Macquarie and myself set out in the Carriage from Parramatta for the Cow-Pastures. -- We were accompanied on this Tour by Captains Antill and Cleaveland, our nephew Ensign Jno. Maclaine, Doctor Redfern, Mr. Meehan the Acting Surveyor, and Mr. Gregory Blaxland; and on the Road near Prospect Hill, we were joined by John Warlby Free Settler there, and whom I had engaged to attend me as a Guide in the Cow-Pastures. -- Serjeant Whalan and three Troopers accompanied us as a Guard. -- Passing through the Orphan-School Farm, the Government Stock-Yard close to the Cabramatta Creek, and Messrs. Riley's and Kent's Farms, we arrived at the Government Hut close to the East Bank of the Nepean River at Half past 9 o'clock, being a distance of 26 measured miles in three Hours and a half. -- The Country through which we passed between Parramatta and the Nepean was generally an open Forest, a tolerable good Soil, and the Road pretty good. -- There being very little Water in the River at this time, we crossed it at the usual Ford in our Carriage with great ease and safety; -- and we found our Servants, with the two Carts containing our Baggage, ready waiting for us on the opposite Bank of the River; having one of the small Tents ready Pitched for us to Breakfast in. -- It came on a Drizzling Rain as soon as we had crossed the River but which did not continue long. -- We Breakfasted immediately, and set out immediately afterwards on our Journey to the Place we intended to Halt at and make our Head Quarters. -- We passed through Mr. McArthur's first Farm, called by the natives "Benkennie", and arrived at our Halting Place, called "Bundie", at half past 1 o'clock in the afternoon, being six miles in a South West Direction from the Ford. --We came in the Carriage all the way, through a very fine rich Country and open Forest, and on the way to our Ground we met two or three small Parties of the Cow-Pastures Natives -- the Chief of whom in this Part is named Koggie; who with his wife Nantz, and his friends Bootbarrie, Young Bundle, Billy, and their respective Wives, came to visit us immediately on our arrival at Bundie.

The Servants and Baggage did not reach the Ground till after 3 o'clock in the afternoon and immediately on their arrival our Tents were Pitched and our little Camp was formed on a beautiful Eminence near a Lagoon of fine fresh Water -- the Tents fronting the South West -- in a very fine open Forest within about 3 miles of the foot of Mount Taurus -- and Four Mount Hunter; the latter being to the Northward, and the former to the Southward of us.

At 5 p.m. we sat down Eight at Table to a most comfortable Dinner; Mrs. M. tho' so young a Campaigner having provided every requisite to make our Tour easy, pleasant, and happy -- and we all feel much pleased with one-another -- and with our present manner of Life. Being all a little tired, we went early to Bed this Night, after placing Fires around us, and a Watch to guard us from the Wild Cattle.

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