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Undergraduate Research in Australia

Macquarie University Projects

See how the Fellowship plan dovetails with developments at Macquarie University.

The work of the Learning and Teaching Centre is closely related to the Fellowship. Specific projects which have a particularly close connection are:


A Capstone course or unit is "like the capstone of a building or the keystone of an arch" (Boyer Commission, 1999). It's an opportunity for students to draw together all their learning from other units which may be quite disparate.

Resources have been prepared by LTC staff to assist academics in the design of capstone units.

Reference: Boyer-Commission (1999). Reinventing undergraduate education: A blueprint for America's research universities. Stony Brook, NY, Carnegie Foundation for University Teaching.


This is a new University initiative designed to develop responses within the University to Macquarie University's commitment to excellence in community engagement. Staff in the Learning and Teaching Centre, are working to provide resources to support this. The intention is that every student of every degree will undertake some form of learning or participation: studying abroad, service learning, internships, community engagement, etc.


The goal of the Curriculum Renewal Program is to enhance students' engagement, learning experiences and outcomes through reviewing and renewing Macquarie curricula.

Listen to a Podcast of Professor Judyth Sachs talking about curriculum renewal.


As part of the curriculum renewal process, a project was established to ensure that Macquarie University graduates can integrate knowledge, skills, personal qualities and understanding. A framework to describe and delineate the capabilities of the Macquarie University graduate was created, and The Learning and Teaching Centre together with the Graduate Capabilities and Curriculum Mapping Working Parties worked to provide guidance for academics in linking the framework to units and courses. View more information on the Graduate Capabilities section of the LTC website.


View further information on Macquarie University projects and examples of undergraduate research and inquiry.

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