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Undergraduate Research in Australia

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The resources available are reviewed to ensure that they are relevant to the website. Innovations in learning and teaching are only included here if they include elements of engaging undergraduates in research and inquiry.

The database is being added to on a regular basis. You can contact those involved by clicking on the email address following your search.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any queries.

Guidelines for searching

You can search the database by either text or keyword.

A text search allows you to enter your own search term. The database will search for that term and return the number of entries that match it. You can enter individual words (eg, scholarships) or phrases (eg, problem-based learning). If you wish to search for entries from a specific university, just enter the name of the university.

You can choose whether you want to search for the words individually or together.

A keyword search allows you to search using pre-determined terms organized in drop-down menus.

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For further assistance or technical difficulties with searching this database, please contact the project administrator.

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