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resourceGuidelines for an undergraduate research journal
author(s)McGill University, Canada

descriptionOn this website there is a list of a number of undergraduate research journals. Each of these specifies requirements for submitting and reviewing articles. When setting up an undergraduate research journal it may be useful to have an exemplar to provide ideas.
contextThis resource comes from the McGill University, Canada. It contains information about the journal, instructions for authors, information about reviewing and a timetable.
keywordsUndergraduate journals
documentation McGill complete.pdf
resourcePublications that feature students' work
author(s)University of Arizona, Tucson, USA

descriptionThe list of websites on the website includes links to a number of undergraduate research journals. There are many such journals in existence, but this website focuses particularly on those that are open to Australian students.
contextThis unattributed resource was gathered on a visit to the University of Arizona, Tucson, USA.
keywordsResearch experiences
Undergraduate journals
documentationIt is a list of some of the places where undergraduate students' research has been published. This resource is intended to be used alongside the website list of undergraduate journals.
students work.pdf


descriptionComWriter is a cloud-based writing application for academics and students in Higher Education. ComWriter allows students to: create and edit writing projects; store bibliographic records and other resources; and format to academic standards using pre-defined styles (e.g., Harvard, APA, MLA, and others styles). And, it's FREE.
Research skills development
Team based learning
Undergraduate Research
Undergraduate journals
websiteBritish undergraduate research journals
descriptionThe British Conference of Undergraduate Research (BCUR) has on its website an annotated list of undergraduate research journals in different disciplines.
keywordsUndergraduate Research Conference
Undergraduate journals
websiteUniversity of North Carolina Undergraduate research journal
keywordsUndergraduate journals
categoryUndergraduate journals
websiteMacquarie Matrix
descriptionMacquarie Matrix is the Undergraduate Research Journal of Macquarie University. It includes a number of articles that are based on work previously presented at Australasian Conferences of Undergraduate Research (ACUR).
keywordsUndergraduate journals
categoryUndergraduate journals


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