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Undergraduate Research in Australia

Add a resource, reference or website for other people to use

Contributions are welcome from academics and students in Australian universities, but excellent examples from overseas are also encouraged.

If you're unsure whether your artifact, protocol or resource will fit and is likely to be useful, you might like to search the database to see what kind of resources are included.

Step 1 - Tell us about your submission

What are you submitting?

Step 2 - Please tell us about yourself and any collaborators

First Name
Contact name
Contact email

Step 3 - Submitting a resource/artifact/protocol

Title of resource (artifact or protocol)
Please provide a brief description of the context where you have used this resource, e.g. course, unit, subject or institutional location
Please indicate whether and how you have evaluated this resource

Step 4 - Please select some keywords

The following 'keywords' will be used by our system to help others search the database.

Please select from the list.

(Use the CONTROL key on your keyboard (APPLE key for mac) together with one click of your mouse to select multiple keywords -- to a maximum of 5 selections.)

Step 5 - Documentation

If you have documentation that you think would be useful to your colleagues, please upload here (examples: artifacts, protocols, resources, published papers, conference presentations, reports, project outlines/proposals).

Please describe the nature of the documentation
Upload a file (max filesize 200M)
Add a website url

Step 6 - Submit

enter the security code:
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When you have completed the above information, please click on the SUBMIT button.

If you have any queries regarding technical issues please contact the Web administrator.
If you have any queries about future events, please contact the Fellowship administrator.

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