Industry and business collaboration

Industry and business collaboration

Engage with the university that engages with your world

Since opening our doors in 1964, our engagement with corporate and business partners has been essential in shaping our research vision and approach to learning.

Prepare to connect

A corporate partnership with Macquarie University is much more than just a business arrangement. With a collaboration that’s tailored to the specific objectives of your business, it’s all about creating mutually beneficial outcomes by nurturing deep, long-term connections. From working with leading researchers and academics to getting the ‘pick of the crop’ in career-ready graduates, you’ll be joining a wide range of forward-thinking companies that are already reaping the rewards. World-class solutions for real-world challenges – just imagine what we could achieve together.

Why us

Out of all the institutions that would like to engage with your company, why choose Macquarie University? The answer: we’re focused on your needs, your goals and your priorities.

  • It's all about you - we want you to use our expertise and facilities to help achieve your goals. It’s as simple as that
  • Real engagement - you’ll be an integral part of who we are and what we do. Our deep, long-term connections with companies shape our research vision, our learning and teaching philosophy, and the facilities we offer
  • Real solutions - you’ll join an innovation nexus that’s delivering actionable solutions to the world’s challenges
  • Real individuality - We’ll deliver a tailored collaboration that meets the specific goals of your unique organisation
  • A dedicated corporate engagement office - we have established the Office of Corporate Engagement to connect you to the University. Our team will match your needs to our capabilities and be a ‘one-stop shop’ for your engagement with Macquarie University.

“We are delighted with our engagement with Macquarie University. Being located on the campus has opened up a range of collaborative opportunities that we are looking forward to pursuing, as well as some that are already bearing fruit for our company.” 

Dr Brad Walsh

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