Programs and services

Programs and services


Walanga Muru provides quality engagement services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, including day to day advice, individualised degree planning, academic workshops, enrolment support, tailored inductions as well as subject specific and general academic tutoring.

Our programs:

Student Engagement

At Walanga Muru, we offer all Indigenous students access to a Student Engagement Coordinator to assist you with:

  • Wellbeing
  • Referrals to medical services, Student Wellbeing and other external wellbeing services
  • Accommodation
  • Scholarships
  • Employment opportunities
  • Time management and study planning
  • Centrelink and ABSTUDY support
  • Cultural activities

Academic Engagement

At Walanga Muru there are two dedicated Academic Engagement Coordinators who are available to assist students with all aspects of their academic journey at Macquarie University.  The Academic Engagement Coordinators provide assistance through:

  • One on one program advice and degree planning
  • Academic workshops – which run twice a week and encompass all aspects of study life
  • Referrals to faculty support and programs
  • Personal development and life skills
  • Tutoring – please see below for further information

Ask a question:

Eliza Kitchener
Academic Engagement Coordinator 
P: (02) 9850 4498
Building W3A, Room 305

Tamika Worrell
Academic Engagement Coordinator 
P: (02) 9850 9973
Building W3A, Room 309

Cultural Advisor

At Walanga Muru, we offer all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students access to a Cultural Advisor to assist you with:

  • Cultural activities and support
  • Discussion about Aboriginality and referrals to support services such as AIATSIS and Linkup
  • General yarn
  • Referrals to medical services, Student Wellbeing and other external wellbeing services
  • Links to community groups and organisations

Ask a question:

Aunty Sue Pinckham 
Cultural Advisor 
P: (02) 9850 8653 
Building W3A, Room 308

Wallumai Tutorial Program

The Wallumai Tutorial Program is a Commonwealth-funded program designed to close the gap that exists between the educational outcomes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and other Australians in tertiary education. The program provides free tutoring for Indigenous undergraduate students for 20 hours per subject per semester, and 5 hours per subject, per semester for postgraduate students.  The tutoring program is individualised to each student, providing subject specific tutors or general academic tutors as required.

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