Register of contracts

Register of contracts

The register of contracts records details of contracts between Macquarie and private parties valued over $150,000.

Macquarie University is required by the GIPA Act to maintain an openly accessible register of contracts to which it is a party and which have a value of $150,000 or more. The contracts that are required to be reported are those in which a party agrees to:

  • undertake a project (for example: construction, infrastructure or property development)
  • provide specific goods or services (for example: information technology services)
  • transfer real property to another party in the contract
  • lease real property.

The reporting requirements differ depending on the class of contract. For full details of the 3 classes, refer to Division 5 of the Act.  Note that contracts of employment are not required to be reported. Some confidential information is not required to be included in the register of contracts, as set out in section 32 of the Act. Contract information may be withheld from the register where there is an overriding public interest against disclosure (OPIAD). To determine if there is an OPIAD, the public interest test is applied (refer to the IPC guidelines for Public Interest Test ).

Who can help me with more information?

The Right to Information Officer
Macquarie University
Phone:  +61 2 9850 7362

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