University Discipline Committee

University Discipline Committee

1. Establishment

1.1 In accordance with the Student Discipline Rules 9(1), the Registrar may from time to time establish a committee to deal with an allegation of Misconduct against a Student or Student Organisation.

2. Composition

2.1 In accordance with the Student Discipline Rules 9(2), the Registrar may appoint any person he or she thinks appropriate to be a member of a Hearing.

2.2 In accordance with the Student Discipline Rules 11(1), the Chancellor, Deputy Chancellor and the Vice-Chancellor are, by virtue of their office, members of any Discipline Committee or Appeal Committee.

2.3 Subject to the appointment of members with specific expertise in an allegation of misconduct, the University Discipline Committee routinely comprises:

  • a member of Council who is not a student or staff member of the University (Presiding Member);
  • the Executive Deans of Faculties or their delegates;
  • the Chair of Academic Senate; and
  • a student member of Academic Senate.

The University Discipline Committee Terms of Reference are currently under review.

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