Nominations and Remuneration committee

Nominations and Remuneration committee

The terms of reference of the Nominations Committee are established under Section 15 of the Macquarie University By-Law 2005 and the Nominations Committee Rules.

Terms of Reference

Version 1 - Approved by Macquarie University Council 10 April 2014

1. Purpose of Committee

1.1 The Committee is to:

1.1.1 recommend persons to Council for appointment as Council members in accordance with the Macquarie University Act 1989 (the Act) and the Macquarie University By‐law in respect of nominations matters; and

1.1.2 assist the Council in exercising its functions in accordance with section 16(1B)(a) of the Act in respect of remuneration matters.

2. Membership and term of office

2.1 Membership

  • Chancellor (ex‐officio)
  • Deputy Chancellor (ex‐officio)
  • Chair of Finance and Facilities Committee of Council*
  • Vice‐Chancellor (ex‐officio)
  • Chair of Academic Senate (ex‐officio)
  • A member of Council who is not in the same category as a candidate being considered for nomination as a Council member (if required)*

* Another member of Council if the Chair of Finance and Facilities is a member by virtue of holding one of the other positions. This member will be excused from any decisions for nomination of members in own category of membership.

Where a position is not specified, Committee Members will be appointed by Council.

2.2 Chair of Committee

2.2.1 The Committee Chair is the Chancellor.

2.3 Term of office

2.3.1 Non ex‐officio members are appointed for a two‐year term.

2.4 Attendance

2.4.1 The Vice‐Chancellor shall be absent from the meetings during discussion relating to the remuneration and conditions of the position of Vice‐Chancellor.

3. Responsibilities

3.1 Nominations matters

At least six months prior to the expiration of the term of office of a member of the Council appointed under section 8G - persons appointed by the Minister, 8F - external persons or 8E - external members who are graduates of the University, the Nominations Committee is to:
a) identify the expertise and experience that will be needed to complement that of the other members of the Council; and
b) identify persons who may be suitable for appointment as such a member.

3.1.1 The Committee is to:
a) determine which of those persons are to be recommended to the Council;
b) recommend the length of appointment for each such person; and
c) forward its recommendations to the Council.

3.1.2 In determining the persons to be recommended, the Committee is to take into consideration whether a person has developed, or has the capacity to develop:

  • a good understanding of what the external community needs from the University;
  • strong external networks that may benefit the University;
  • an ability to contribute to the effective working of the Council;
  • the expertise and experience needed to complement that of existing members of the Council;
  • the expertise and experience relevant to the functions exercisable by the Council;
  • an appreciation of the object, values, functions and activities of the University; and
  • such other qualities as the Committee considers appropriate.

3.2 Remuneration matters

3.2.1 Review the performance of the Vice‐Chancellor and other members of the Executive on an annual basis.

3.2.2 Review and determine the level of remuneration of the position of Vice‐Chancellor and that of other positions of the Executive on an annual basis.

4. Administrative arrangements

4.1 Meetings

4.1.1 Meetings will be held as determined by the Chair.

4.1.2 Meetings may be held using any form of technology that is approved by Council for Council meetings.

4.1.3 A minimum of three Committee members is the quorum.

4.2 Reporting requirements

Minutes of the Committee will be reported to Council at the next meeting of Council; except that in respect on reporting on remuneration matters:

  • the Chair will report on the key areas and the criteria on which the performance review of the Vice‐Chancellor and members of the Executive will be made; and
  • the Committee's recommendations will be in a confidential report to Council members.

5. Review

5.1 At least once a year the Committee will review its Terms of Reference.

6. Version history

6.1 Approval authority

6.1.1 Council

6.2 Version 1 date

6.2.1 10 April 2014

6.3 Subsequent versions

6.3.1 20 August 2015 (approved by Chancellor following delegation from Council at 2 July 2015 meeting)


(as at April 2016)

* The Chancellor and Deputy Chancellor are members of the committee by virtue of their office, in accordance with the provisions of Section 21 of the Macquarie University By-Law 2005.

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