Honorary Awards committee

Honorary Awards committee

Standing Committee on Honorary Awards

Terms of Reference

The University Council has established the Honorary Awards Committee (“the Committee”). These Terms of Reference set out the Committee’s objectives, authority, composition and tenure and roles and responsibilities. The procedures for the Committee are set out in the procedures for Council Committees and these Terms of Reference should be read in conjunction with the procedures for Council Committees document.

1 Purpose of Committee

1.1 To assist the Council in exercising its functions in relation to the conferral of honorary degrees.

2 Authority and scope

2.1 Honorary Awards Committee does not have any delegated authorities.

3 Membership

3.1 The Committee will be constituted by up to six members of Council and one Deputy Vice-Chancellor appointed by Council on the recommendation of the Nominations and Remuneration Committee.

3.2 Council may appoint up to two members of the Academic staff of the University who are not members of Council on the recommendation of the Nominations and Remuneration Committee.

3.3 The Nominations and Remuneration Committee will maintain a skills matrix to ensure the Committee is comprised of an appropriate mix of skills and any recommendations for changes to Committee membership will be in consultation with the Chair of the Committee.

4 Responsibilities

4.1 Consider and make recommendations to Council with respect to:

  1. The approval of nominations for honorary awards.
  2. The approval of proposals for the establishment of new honorary awards.
  3. The approval of rules, policy, procedures and guidelines with respect to all aspects of honorary awards. These include, but are not limited to eligibility, nomination and conferral.
  4. Consider any other honorary award matters referred to it by the Council, the Chancellor and/or the Vice-Chancellor.

5 Version history

5.1 Approval authority

5.1.1 Council

5.2 Version 1 date

5.2.1 10 April 2014

5.3 Subsequent versions

5.3.1     14 December 2017


(as at 20 April 2020)

Dr Martin Parkinson AC PSM (Chancellor) (Chair)

Ms Louise Mason (Deputy Chancellor)

Professor S Bruce Dowton (Vice-Chancellor)

Professor Mariella Herberstein

Professor Catherine Dean

Ms Jingmin Qian

Professor David Wilkinson

Professor Lucy Taksa

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