Research Weather Report 2.0

Research Weather Report 2.0

On Tuesday the 6th of May the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) gave a presentation, a Research 'Weather Update', that shared with staff the Executive-approved Research Targets for 2024 and the elements in the development of the Universities research priorities (Themes, Streams, Programs and Projects) and Research Framework (Purpose, Key Objectives, Goals, Specific Targets, and Supporting Strategies).

View the presentation here:

Macquarie University is on track to fast becoming one of Australia's leading research universities. On a wide array of factors Macquarie rates highly: Macquarie is Australia's top ranked university in the QS "Top 50 under 50", 85% of Macquarie's broad fields of research were rated 'at or above world standard' in ERA 2012, we are ranked 5th in Australia for collaboration in terms of the proportion of international collaborative publications (CWTS Leiden Ranking), and within the top 3 universities in Australia with regards to the number of peer reviewed publications produced per academic staff member.

We are however, underperforming in terms of research income; in 2011 Macquarie University was ranked 13th, 25th, 16th and 28th for Category 1, 2, 3 and 4 funding respectively.

Our University: A Framing of Futures has as Strategic Priority 2: "An Accelerating and impactful performance in discovery". In striving for this Priority, by conducting world-leading research and achieving world-changing impact, Macquarie University will serve and engage the world through discovery, dissemination of knowledge and ideas, innovation and deep partnerships. By continuing to invest in areas of strength, by increasing academic staff numbers and strengthening succession planning, by increasing interdisciplinary research, streamlining the administration of research, improving our facilities and providing HDR students with the best possible experience we will achieve accelerated and impactful performance in discovery. But we will also achieve recognition and reputation, nationally and internationally, and Macquarie will continue to ascend and to fulfil its potential for further eminence.

On Tuesday the 24th of September the DVC: Research presented a 'Weather Report', summing up Macquarie's current position, outlining a raft of external drivers that influence research activity, and providing a vision for the future of research at Macquarie.

This vision will be expressed in a Research Framework - World-leading research; World-changing impact 2015 - 2024. To inform the development of the Research Framework, the DVC: Research is undertaking a comprehensive consultation process.

The purpose of this web page is to keep you updated about upcoming events related to the development of the Research Framework, to inform you about the outcomes of events that have been held, and to be a resource of key documents and data that can be used to inform your thinking.

Below you can access a video of the 'Weather Report' presented by the DVC: Research on the 24th of September in addition to static and animated versions of the research pipeline' PowerPoint slide.

Further information and updates will be added to this page as the consultation process progresses. Please visit again soon.

Research Framework Plumbing [771KB PDF]

Key documents

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