Learning and Teaching Strategic Framework

Learning and Teaching Strategic Framework

Learning and Teaching Strategic Framework 2020-2024

In 2019 the PVC Learning and Teaching, Professor Dominique Parrish led a process to finalise a new Learning and Teaching Strategic Framework for Macquarie University for 2020-2024, titled Enhancing student learning to maximise future success.

Extensive consultation with the Macquarie University community occurred in October-November of 2019 in finalising this important strategic framework. The consultation involved submissions via an online survey as well as workshops, focus groups and meetings with key stakeholders including learning and teaching staff, institutional leaders, students and the wider university community.

No matter where each of us work at Macquarie University, learning and teaching plays an integral part to the success of our students, staff and the university.

All staff are encouraged to review the strategic framework to understand the vision, objectives and enablers that will provide a vision for learning and teaching for the next four years at Macquarie University.

Further Enquiries can be directed to: pvclt@mq.edu.au

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