The FMHS HDR community

The FMHS HDR community

Four researchers at an event, with the Medsoc logoWe have a vibrant multicultural student community in the faculty, with an active postgraduate student group that hosts social and cultural events, as well as professional development talks and workshops.

These activities are spearheaded by our MedSoc team, who maintain this student society as part of Macquarie University Clubs and Societies, also receiving faculty support. This society also liaises closely with the very well established Early Career Researchers network, EnCouRage, based in the faculty.

A positive supportive community can make all the difference in your postgraduate research experience, and we aim to make your time with the faculty enjoyable, as well as transformative.

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What does MedSoc do?

We organise social and professional events to help to develop our research community, to combat the isolation that is so common among Higher Degree Research students, and enrich our collective experience.

How can I become a member of MedSoc?

All Higher Degree Research students automatically become a member of MedSoc when they enrol with the faculty. You will automatically receive emails and news about MedSoc once your postgraduate email address is set.

How can I participate in MedSoc?

You can express interest in joining the executive committee of MedSoc at the Annual General Meeting held in June each year. If you would like to help run or develop activities throughout the year, your involvement is very welcome.

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