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Engage with us

Are you interested in pursuing a research or research training degree in linguistics?

Our research forms part of a vibrant research culture in the Faculty of Human Sciences. The Department of Linguistics has one of the highest concentrations of higher-degree research students at Macquarie, with about 100 research students working in the department at any given time. We make a substantial and unique contribution through extensive and pioneering distance and online courses for international higher-degree research students. We host cotutelle and joint PhD students from Asia, Europe and Africa. If you're interested in pursuing a research degree in linguistics, you can read more about the research areas in which we offer supervision, and find more contact information on the Our research page.

Why not participate as a volunteer in our research studies?

Much of the research in Linguistics depends on volunteer participants who give their time to help make discoveries about language development, language processing, hearing, and a wide range of other language-related topics. Participation in research can be a rewarding experience, giving insight in the scientific process and contributing to future impact. And we try to make the experience for children a lot of fun as well!

Are you interested in participating in our research studies? The following research groups are frequently looking for participants and can be contacted through the information provided on their respective pages:

Listen to the Beyond the Paper podcast

Collaborate with us at the Australian Hearing Hub (AHH)

The iconic Australian Hearing Hub (AHH) is a unique space in Australia and was designed to bring industry partners together with academics to engage in research on auditory neuroscience, hearing and hearing healthcare. Here, collaborations take place between Linguistics and a number of partners inside and external to Macquarie University.

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