Department of Linguistics

Department of Linguistics

Department of Linguistics

As Linguists, we are slightly obsessed with the nuts and bolts of language.

This obsession doesn't only include the “thing” that is language, but importantly also the way language is produced through speech, gesture or writing and received through the ears and eyes. It also includes the much more complex matter of how language is processed in the brain. Linguists don't necessarily speak many languages. But we do know a thing or two about language.

Fundamentally, linguistics at Macquarie strives to understand and improve communication. We endeavour to understand human speech production and reception, language processing, as well as language acquisition, across the lifespan. In doing so, linguistics at Macquarie spans a wide range of research areas and disciplines within the broader areas of theoretical and Applied Linguistics, while we also contribute substantially to translational research in collaboration with major industry partners.

Our teaching is built on solid theoretical foundations, but also speaks directly to societal needs in preparing graduates to take up productive and sought-after roles in society. We host leading coursework programs in Applied Linguistics and TESOL (including Editing and Publishing as well as Academic Communication), Clinical Audiology, Speech Pathology and Translation and Interpreting. At undergraduate level our Bachelor of Speech, Hearing and Language Sciences provides a broad foundation for further studies and research in linguistics, while we also contribute majors in Linguistics in a number of other undergraduate programs in Arts, Social Sciences and Human Sciences.

The department is well known nationally and internationally for our cutting-edge research in the fields of hearing research, language processing, child language acquisition and applied linguistics research on adult language learning.

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