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Early Career Research of the Year Award

to be nominated by the Associate Deans, Research

This award will recognize outstanding performance in research by an early career researcher (researchers who are within five years post completion (formal award) of their PhD or MPhil degree therefore after 24 May 2008).

There will be two awards in this category:

  1. PhD or MPhil Degree in social sciences, business and humanities, including:
    • anthropology
    • communication and media studies
    • business
    • economics and management
    • early childhood and education
    • human geography
    • history
    • languages and linguistics
    • philosophy
    • political science
    • psychology
    • sociology
    • law
  2. PhD or MPhil Degree in science and engineering including:
    • astronomy
    • chemistry
    • physics
    • behavioural, biological, mathematical, medical and engineering sciences
    • audiology
    • speech pathology
    • clinical psychology
    • chiropractic

The nominee must be able provide tangible evidence of research excellence represented by a combination of:

    1. high quality published papers;
    2. peer recognition by invitations to speak at conferences/meetings;
    3. originality and quality of research;
    4. success in obtaining external research funding;
    5. quality supervision of HDR students (evidenced by completions or publications data);
    6. awards/prizes; high impact research that is verifiable in the area of specialisation including commercialisation and industry engagement.

Nominations submitted by the Associate Deans, Research are to include: