HDR academic advice

HDR academic advice

Please note: the below is for HDR academic advisors only

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Research Communications (MRES700) Dr Florence Chiew florence.chiew@mq.edu.au

Faculty of Arts

Associate Dean, Higher Degree ResearchDr Noah Bassil
MRes DirectorDr Victoria Flanaganvictoria.flanagan@mq.edu.au
Faculty HDR ManagerMs Maryanne Hozijanmaryanne.hozijan@mq.edu.au
General Enquiries - PhDFaculty HDR Officearts.hdr@mq.edu.au
General Enquiries - MRes Faculty HDR Officearts.mres@mq.edu.au
Ancient History
Head of DepartmentDr Ian Plant
HDR DirectorDr Linda Evans+61-2-9850-8802
HDR DirectorAssociate Professor Boyo Ockinga+61-2-9850-8852
MRes Director

Associate Professor Malcolm Choat


MRes Director

Dr Peter Edwell

Head of DepartmentAssociate Professor Lisa Wynn+61-2-9850-8095
HDR DirectorDr Eve Vincent
MRes Director
Associate Professor Chris Houston
MRes Director
Dr Japp Timmer
Head of Department
Professor Antonia Harbus
HDR Director
Associate Professor Marcelle Freiman
MRes DirectorDr Stephanie Russostephanie.russo@mq.edu.au
MRes Director
Associate Professor Paul Sheehan
Geography and Planning
Head of DepartmentDr Donna Houston
HDR DirectorAssociate Professor Sandie Suchet-Pearson+61-2-9850-8393
MRes DirectorDr Emily O'Gormanemily.ogorman@mq.edu.au
Indigenous Studies
Head of DepartmentDr Peter Keegan+61-2-9850-8819
HDR DirectorDr Peter Keeganpeter.keegan@mq.edu.au
MRes DirectorDr Peter Keeganpeter.keegan@mq.edu.au
International Studies
Head of DepartmentAssociate Professor Ulrike Garde+61-2-9850-7051
HDR DirectorDr Alex Kurman+61-2-9850-8809
MRes DirectorDr Lan Zhanglan.zhang@mq.edu.au
Macquarie Law School
School DeanAssociate Professor Vijaya Nagarajan+61-2-9850-7911
HDR DirectorAssociate Professor Archana Parashar+61-2-9850-7062
MRes Director
Associate Professor Malcolm Voyce
Media, Music & Cultural Studies (MMCS)
Head of Department
Professor Nicole Anderson
HDR Director
Dr Anthony Lambert
MRes DirectorDr Denis Crowdydenis.crowdy@mq.edu.au
Modern History, Politics and International Relations 
Head of DepartmentProfessor Sean Brawley+61-2-9850-1013
HDR DirectorDr Mark Hearn+61-2-9850-8824
MRes Director (Modern History)Dr Tanya Evanstanya.evans@mq.edu.au 
MRes Director (Politics & IR)Dr Lloyd Coxlloyd.cox@mq.edu.au
Head of Department

Professor Jeanette Kennett

HDR DirectorDr Albert Atkin+61-2-9850-6880
MRes Director

Professor Nicholas Smith


Security Studies and Criminology 
Head of DepartmentProfessor Ben Schreer+61-2-9850-1423
HDR Director Dr Dalbir Ahlawat
MRes DirectorDr Dalbir Ahlawat
Head of Department
Professor Gabrielle Meagher
HDR DirectorDr Kumiko Kawashima+61-2-9850-7943
HDR Director
Shaun Wilson
MRes DirectorDr Justine Lloydjustine.lloyd@mq.edu.au
MRes DirectorDr Raj Velayuthamselvaraj.velayutham@mq.edu.au

Faculty of Business and Economics

Associate Dean, Higher Degree ResearchProfessor Lorne Cummings+61-2-9850-8531
MRes DirectorProfessor Lorne Cummings
Faculty HDR ManagerMs Lin Bai (acting)lin.bai@mq.edu.au
General EnquiriesFaculty HDR Office+61-2-9850-4818
Accounting and Corporate Governance
Head of Department
Associate Professor Rahat Munir
HDR Director
Associate Professor Elaine Evans
MRES AdvisorDr Michael Quiltermichael.quilter@mq.edu.au
Applied Finance and Actuarial Studies
Head of Department
Professor David Pitt
+61-2-9850 8455
HDR Director

Dr Jiwook Jang

MRES Advisor (Actuarial Studies & MRES Yr 2) Ms Shauna Ferris shauna.ferris@mq.edu.au
MRES Advisor (Applied Finance) Dr James Cummings james.cummings@mq.edu.au
Head of Department

Professor Lisa Magnani

HDR Director

Associate Professor Pundarik Mukhopadhaya

MRES AdvisorAssociate Professor Tony Bryant tony.bryant@mq.edu.au
Marketing and Management
Head of Department

Professor Grant Michelson

HDR Director

Associate Professor Edward Wray-Bliss

MRES AdvisorDr Jana Bowden-Eversonjana.bowden-everson@mq.edu.au

Faculty of Human Sciences

Associate Dean, Higher Degree ResearchAssociate Professor Judi Homewoodjudi.homewood@mq.edu.au
MRes DirectorAssociate Professor Annabelle Lukin annabelle.lukin@mq.edu.au
Faculty HDR ManagerMs Robyn Bishop+61-2-9850-8749
General EnquiriesFaculty HDR Officefohs.hdr@mq.edu.au 
+61-2 9850 8063
Cognitive Science
Head of Department

Professor Genevieve McArthur

Department Administrator

Ms Lesley McKnight

HDR Director

Associate Professor Mark Williams

BPhil/MRes AdvisorProfessor Amanda Barnieramanda.barnier@mq.edu.au
Head of Department

Professor Mary Ryan

HDR Director

Dr Neil Harrison

BPhil/MRes AdvisorDr Anne McMaughanne.mcmaugh@mq.edu.au
Head of Department

Associate Professor Jan-Louis Kruger

HDR Director

Associate Professor Mridula Sharma

MRes Year 2 Advisor

Associate Professor Mridula Sharma

BPhil/MRes Yr 1 Advisor (EP1, 2017)Dr Scott Barnesscott.barnes@mq.edu.au
BPhil/MRes Yr 1 Advisor (EP2, 2017)

Dr Cassi Liardet

Head of Department

Professor Julie Fitness

HDR Director (Co Director)

Associate Professor Cathy McMahon

HDR Director (Co Director)

Associate Professor Kevin Brooks

PhD/Master of Clinical Psychology

Associate Professor Maria Kangas

PhD/Master of Clinical   Neuropsychology

Dr Jennifer Batchelor

PhD/Master Organisational Psychology

Associate Professor Barbara Griffin

BPhil/MRes AdvisorAssociate Professor Simon Boag simon.boag@mq.edu.au

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Associate Dean, Higher Degree Research  Associate Professor Tracy Rushmer +61-2-9850-8366
Deputy Associate Dean, Higher Degree Research 

Associate Professor  Subramanyam  Vemulpad

MRes Director Associate Professor Bridget Mabbutt bridget.mabbutt@mq.edu.au
Faculty HDR Manager Ms Jane Yang jane.yang@mq.edu.au
General Enquiries Faculty HDR Office sci.hdradm@mq.edu.au 
Biological Sciences
Head of Department

Professor  Michelle  Leishman

HDR Director

Associate Professor  Culum  Brown

MRes Advisor

Associate Professor Grant Hose

Chemistry & Biomolecular Sciences
Head of Department

Professor  Alison  Rodger

HDR Director

Professor  Paul  Haynes

MRes Advisor Dr Louise Brown louise.brown@mq.edu.au
Head of Department

DC  Rosemary  Giuriato

HDR Director

Associate Professor Subramanyam Vemulpad

MRes Advisor Dr Ben Brown benjamin.brown@mq.edu.au
Head of Department

Professor  Michael  Sheng

HDR Director

Associate Professor  Yan  Wang

MRes Advisor Associate Professor Mark Dras mark.dras@mq.edu.au
Earth and Planetary Sciences
Head of Department

Professor  Martin  Kennedy

HDR Director

Professor  Dorrit  Jacob

MRes Advisor Associate Professor Simon Clark simon.clark@mq.edu.au
Head of Department

Professor  Iain  Collings

HDR Director

Associate Professor  Stuart  Jackson

MRes Advisor

Dr Sammy Diasinos

MRes Advisor Associate Professor Sam Reisenfeld
Environmental Sciences
Head of Department

Professor Neil  Saintilan

HDR Director

Professor  Vladimir  Strezov

MRes Advisor (Year 1) Dr Tim Ralph tim.ralph@mq.edu.au
MRes Advisor (Year 2) Dr Maina Mbui joseph.mbui@mq.edu.au
Head of Department

Professor  Jim  Denier

HDR Director

Professor  Xuan  Duong

MRes Advisor Dr Adam Sikora adam.sikora@mq.edu.au
Physics and Astronomy
Head of Department

Professor  Michael  Steel

HDR Director

Professor  Jason  Twamley

MRes Advisor (Year 1) Professor Gavin Brennen gavin.brennen@mq.edu.au
MRes Advisor (Year 2) Dr Joanne Dawson joanne.dawson@mq.edu.au
Head of Department

Professor  Gillian  Heller

HDR Director Associate Professor Jun Ma +61-2-9850-8548
MRes Advisor Dr Thomas Fung thomas.fung@mq.edu.au

Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM)

Associate Dean, Higher Degree Research Professor Masud Behnia+61-2-9850-6865
HDR DirectorDr Vito Mollica+61-2-9850-9097
MRes DirectorProfessor Andrew Leponeandrew.lepone@mgsm.edu.au
Research Office ExecutiveMs Kerry Danielkerry.daniel@mgsm.edu.au 
General EnquiriesFaculty HDR Officeresearch@mgsm.edu.au

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Associate Dean, Higher Degree Research Professor Mark Connormark.connor@mq.edu.au
MRes DirectorDr Jennifer Rowlandjen.rowland@mq.edu.au
Faculty HDR ManagerMs Tania Kinanetania.kinane@mq.edu.au
General EnquiriesViviana Bong, HDR Officerfmhs.hdr@mq.edu.au
Australian Institute of Health Innovation
HDR Director/MRes AdvisorAssociate Professor Andrew Georgiouandrew.georgiou@mq.edu.au
Biomedical Sciences
HDR DirectorDr Dane Turner+61-2-9850-2754
RES Advisor/Faculty 1st year MRES AdvisorAssociate Professor Ann Goodchildann.goodchild@mq.edu.au
Clinical Medicine
HDR Director/MRes Advisor Professor Stuart Grahamstuart.graham@mq.edu.au
Health Professions
HDR Director/MRes AdvisorAssociate Professor Mark Hancock mark.hancock@mq.edu.au
Health Systems and Populations
Head of Department (interim)Professor Janaki Amin+61-2-9850-2404
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