Academic Senate Project and Priorities

Academic Senate Project and Priorities

2017 Academic Senate Projects

The Academic Senate projects for 2017 are detailed below. If you would like additional information or you are interested in becoming involved with any of the the projects identified please contact the Chair of the Working Group or:

Kerri Mackenzie

Project Officer for Academic Senate 

ProjectObjectiveSponsor(s) and Chair of Working GroupStatus
Developing the Model for Shared Responsibility of Academic Governance

Deliver a greater activation of Faculty Board and Senate Committees through devolved decision-making, supported by threshold standards, robust frameworks and annual reporting cycles to be established by Academic Senate and the Academic Standards and Quality Committee.

Position Academic Standards and Quality Committee as a higher-level body with oversight of quality and standards and oversight over non-award programs and University owned degrees.

Clearly define the role of Academic Senate as the approval authority for policy on academic matters, vis-à-vis a consultative body for policy approval.

Chair of Academic Senate & Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)

Professor Mariella Herberstein

In progress

Purpose and Composition of Academic Senate

Alignment between Academic Senates purpose
with a more mature shared responsibility model of
academic governance.

Create transparency regarding the role and
function of the University’s Academic Senate.

Provide clarity to all members of Academic Senate
(elected, appointed or ex-officio) regarding their role
on the University’s principle academic body.

Improve communication pathways to and from
Academic Senate and its members, and to increase
engagement from within and out Academic Senate.

Chair of Academic Senate

Professor Mariella Herberstein

In progress

Partnership with and Recognition of Student Members

Increase and support student partnership in
decision making.

Increase student engagement with the University’s
academic governance structures.

Provide support and incentives to students

Identify training and development opportunities for
student members; clarifying the roles and
responsibilities of student members and that
assist with communication with the student electorates and student participation programs within the Faculties during tenure.

Chair of Academic Senate and Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching

Brayden Jones

To commence

Establishing Principles for  Program Review

Establish a consistent institutional approach to
Program Reviews.

Chair of Academic Senate & Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)

Neil Durrant

In progress by Working Group

Review of Quality Assurance and Quality Enhancement Policy and Process

Renew and refresh the approach to quality
assurance to deliver a streamlined and consistent
framework for managing academic and quality
assurance matters.

Identification of appropriate business owners for
different review categories, allowing for the
appropriate referral of both academic governance
and management recommendations.

Chair of Academic Senate & Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)

Associate Professor Panos Vlachopoulos

To commence

Academic Integrity Framework

Implement the prioritised recommendations and
actions relating to Academic Integrity to produce a
combined framework of strategic, integrated and
targeted measures that promote academic integrity
in every aspect of the University.

Chair of Academic Senate & Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)

Chair: Dr Mitch Parsell

Open for consultation:

Draft Academic Integrity Statement

Deadline Wednesday 26 April 2017

Eligibility and Selection Criteria for the University Medal

Confirm the specifications of those programs that
qualify students for the University Medal.

Produce clear and consistent eligibility and
selection criteria for the prize of the University

Establish a student-facing communication strategy
informing the Macquarie community about the prize and its recipients.

Chair of Academic Senate

Professor Jacqueline Phillips

To commence

Policy Review

Streamline and/or consolidate existing Academic,
Learning and Teaching and Higher Degree
Research Policy and Procedure.

Identify the required realignment of the approval
authority for policy documents following the review
of the Delegations of Authority and the changes to
the Executive organisational structure.

Ensure that the need to review, identify risks or
necessary rescindment of academic policy is
triggered in an agile manner.

Increase engagement with the documented
standards for the development, approval,
communication, implementation and review of
policy documents (Policy Framework Policy and

Chairs of Academic Senate and its Committees

Professor Peter Radan

To commence

Provide feedback on the Academic Senate Projects

You are invited to submit comment or feedback on any of the Academic Senate projects using the form below.  For those matters that are open for consultation, please see the latest consultation or discussion paper provided in the status column above.

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