Lectern training available

Training in the use of University lecterns is available in the lead up to Session 1.  The training is suited to new staff, those unfamiliar with lecterns or for experienced staff seeking to refresh their skills.

Lectern training dates

  • Lectern type 2D: 9am-10am, Friday 19 February (W5A T1)
  • Active Learning Space: 11am-12pm, Friday 19 February (W2.4A 2.300)
  • Lectern type 0D and 1D: 9am-10am, Monday 22 February (C5A 304)
  • Lectern type 2: 9am-10am, Tuesday 23 February, 9am-10am, (W6B 336)
  • Lectern type 0: 10am-11am, Tuesday 23 February (W5C 234)
  • Macquarie Theatre: 9am-10am,  Wednesday 24 February (W2.4A Macquarie Theatre)

Bookings are not required.

For information on the technology available in your teaching space, consult the AVTS Rooms and Facilities Guide.