Gmail calendars to be switched off

On Monday 14 March your Gmail calendars will be switched off and you will no longer be able to view them. This is to prevent any further incompatibility issues between Gmail and Office 365 calendars.

In preparation for this process, staff are encouraged to make sure all Gmail calendar events have been recreated in Office 365.

It is recommended you do not interact with Gmail calendars in the meantime – this will cause issues in your Office 365 calendars due to incompatibility between the two. This means you will no longer be adding, creating, deleting or editing any events in your Gmail calendars.

Gmail mailboxes
You will still continue to have read-only access to all your email in Gmail, however, you will not be able to send or receive any email from your Gmail account.

If you have Gmail mail and calendars set up for Macquarie University on IOS and Android these will no longer work.

Google apps
Full access to all Google Apps (except Gmail and calendars) will continue to be available, however these will no longer be accessible from the app. To access you will need to login via a browser from your mobile, PC or laptop.

Special access for Gmail calendars
After Gmail calendars have been switched off, if you require urgent viewing of your calendars in Gmail, contact the IT HelpDesk on 9850 HELP (4357) or email

Note: this access will only be given on a temporary basis to staff who require it for a specific business reason.

Where to get support
If you need extra support :