Can you hear people speak in a noisy room?

The National Acoustics Laboratory is seeking participants for an ongoing study into an unusual form of hearing loss where people with clinically normal hearing when tested report difficulty with everyday listening, particularly understanding speech in background noise.

Participants need to be between 30 and 55 years of age, and will be asked about their lifetime noise exposure history in an online survey (approx) 20 minutes.

Participants will also be required to attend a 3.5 hour lab appointment at the Macquarie University Hearing Hub, where researchers will conduct a series of listening tasks to determine whether there is a link between a participant’s noise exposure and their auditory functioning. Participants can be provided with a written report about their hearing (including the results of their audiogram), and will receive $40 for their time.

The study will continue until June 2016.

Express your interest via email: