A focus on continual improvement

This year, Macquarie will begin participating in UniForum – a multi-university study of administration and support services. This annual benchmarking study involves 24 universities in Australia/New Zealand and 14 universities in the UK. The survey will support our ongoing commitment to improving service delivery and involves senior leaders providing detail on how and where teams support the University’s strategy.

UniForum looks at the important work done in support and administrative services and does not cover academic services. It involves a data collection through a survey which some of you may be asked to do by your manager over the coming weeks. The aim is to give us an accurate picture of how we deploy support services across 13 functional areas and how this compares to other universities. For more information on the study, visit the UniForum website. The program is run by Cubane Consulting.

As an organisation c omitted to service and engagement, we need to ensure we have the right information to make the right decisions so as to optimise our effectiveness. We are committed to this study being an open and transparent process and will keep you informed throughout.

Nicole Gower
Director, Human Resources