Congratulations: October 2015 round academic promotions

Congratulations to some of our finest on their successful promotions during the October 2015 round of academic promotions.

Academic promotions are an opportunity to recognise and reward the staff who have demonstrated and sustained excellence in the three elements of academic endeavour – teaching, research and community engagement.

To be considered for academic promotion, candidates must demonstrate that they meet the criteria of the level they seek promotion to and demonstrate that their all-round performance exceeds the expectations and criteria of their current level.

Congratulations to the following staff, in no particular order:


  • Milena Gandy
  • Vince Polito
  • Wei Deng
  • Robert Pfeifer
  • Stephanie Russo
  • Bingyang Shi
  • Murray Taylor
  • Daniel Ghezelbash

Senior Lecturer

  • Michael Proctor
  • Leanne Carter
  • Lurion De Mello
  • Meiting Lu
  • Ying (Candy) Lu
  • Sophia Su
  • Dalbir Ahlawat
  • Paul Formosa
  • Saskia Kohnen
  • Helen Little
  • Justine Lloyd
  • Lee Spitler
  • Dale Tweedie
  • Gregory Walkerden

Associate Professor

  • Michael Batanin
  • Ross Gordon
  • Ayse Bilgin
  • Matthew Bower
  • Trevor Evans
  • Diane Hughes
  • Annabelle Lukin
  • Kristian Ruming
  • Paul Sheehan


  • Dorrit Jacob
  • Genevieve McArthur
  • Nickolai Titov
  • Shawkat Alam
  • Brian Atwell
  • Gillian Heller
  • Phillip Taylor

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