Public website now business as usual

Following the launch on 12 October, Macquarie’s new public website has been live now for more than a month.

With an increase in traffic of around 15 per cent compared to the same time last year, we’re pleased to see visitors are also spending up to 15 per cent more time on the site.

Supporting the ‘mobile first’ strategy of the project, a massive 82 per cent of visitors have viewed the site on a mobile device which now makes up more than 21 per cent of overall traffic to the new site. The success of this strategy will be carried through to phase two of the project, the staff and student websites.

Work is already well underway on the research and design phases of the second stage, with valuable involvement from staff across the university as well as a strong contribution from current and future students.

As part of this transition process, the Digital team within Group Marketing and IT will now provide ongoing ‘business-as-usual’ support for the new public site, just as they have done for the previous public site.

For most people seeking assistance with the new public site, you won’t see any changes to the process. All requests should continue to be lodged via onehelp, with requests to be marked to ‘the new website’.

All current issues lodged with the Web Transformation Project team will continue to be managed by the project team.