Good things come in threes

Earlier this month, Macquarie hosted the second workshop under the trilateral strategic partnership with the University of Hamburg (Germany) and Fudan University (China), with the aim of strengthening ties between academic and professional colleagues at the three institutions.

Earlier this year, the German Academic Exchange Services (DAAD) awarded one million euros (approximately $1.5 million AUD) to facilitate collaboration under the Hamburg-Macquarie-Fudan trilateral strategic partnership.

The partnership supports a range of activities including the development of international opportunities for higher degree research candidates and joint research initiatives in urban development, marine and coastal systems, physics and climate change, as well as English and business among other fields. Eleven projects across four of Macquarie’s faculties are currently funded under the partnership.

The workshop provided an opportunity for the partnership coordinators and research project members to discuss current issues, funding and future plans for the partnership, including a session on alternative funding mechanisms for Macquarie staff interested in developing new projects with Hamburg and Fudan.

Hamburg and Fudan researchers also used the week to meet with their Macquarie counterparts and work on their collaborative projects.

Academic and professional staff from all three universities that attended the workshops, deemed them a great success.

“The recent series of workshops set an excellent standard for future meetings among those in the partnership, further facilitating the collaborative process and paving the way for strong research outcomes in the future,” said Michele Robinson, Associate Director, International Relations.