Web Transformation Project update: The new mq.edu.au is just days away

With just four short days left to complete all work on the public website build, we are now in the final stages of preparing the site to go live.

The Web Transformation Project team extends a tremendous ‘thank you’ to everyone working on the project. Prioritisation should now be on ensuring the quality of the existing pages – spelling, links, images and SEO all need to be of the highest quality.

Staff with edit privileges can continue to access the build site. Login with your OneID login and password.

Focus on quality is a high priority
With only four days left, the focus should now be on delivering high quality pages (correct spelling, correct grammar, no broken links) rather than bulk quantity.

Access to SiteImprove is available to assist in the quality checking of pages on the build site. This tool allows users to run reports revealing broken links, misspelling and accessibility compliance. Contact web.project@mq.edu.au to find out more and gain access if you don’t already have a login.​

Build site availability this week
Please note the build site will have limited access (7am to 4pm Tuesday to Friday ONLY). For the really keen, the site is available all day Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 October.

News and events systems will remain open 24/7 until launch.

Only on campus
The website can only be edited on campus or by using the University VPN.

Video self-training
Squiz CMS video training is available online.

Metadata update
It’s critically important to update the status of pages in the metadata ahead of the launch. For more details, please refer to the Content Maintenance Guide.

Need help?
After the launch, support will be available via the OneHelp system. Please first check the issues found log to see if your issue already has a fix.