Do you have a prior or current connection with the Orange region?

Catherine Ennis, Faculty PACE Manager from the Faculty of Science and Engineering, has been awarded a PACE Development Grant, entitled Modelling Partnerships: Exploring a Whole of Region Approach to Partnership Development and Management.

About the project
The intention of the project is to establish the key factors involved in long-term university-community relationships through which mutual benefits can be meaningful, impactful, and sustained. The Orange region has been selected as one that represents an untapped area of growth and opportunity which PACE could fulfil for the mutual benefit to the communities of that region and the University.

Get involved
If you have a prior and/or current relationship(s) in the Orange region, you are invited to share your knowledge and offer recommendations regarding the establishment and management of a whole of region partnership, or any other information you might consider relevant (eg. including any interest in being a part of such an approach).

To participate or for more information contact