Academic integrity workshops

Earlier this year, Academic Senate welcomed academic integrity expert, Dr Tracey Bretag from the University of South Australia, who briefed Senators on the state of policy in this area, and on mechanisms to encourage student and staff understanding and ownership of academic integrity principles and good practice.

Dr Bretag will be returning to campus on Thursday 19 and Friday 20 November to assist us in determining how we might embed a renewed culture of personal integrity and ethical good practice throughout all of our academic programs. Tracey will be joined by Dr Teddi Fishman, the Director of the International Centre for Academic Integrity, based at Clemson University in the United States.

Staff are invited to attend one, or more of the sessions hosted during her visit. The workshops aim to establish:

  1. A plain English Academic Integrity statement / policy / honour code / pledge for consultation with Academic Senate and the broader university community.
  2. A ‘Framework for Action’ for endorsement by Academic Senate and University Council.

This Framework might include recommendations to:

  • review the University’s mission statements, marketing and admission processes
  • develop an articulated and coherent Academic Integrity Policy
  • review assessment practices and curriculum design,
  • improve the information provided to students at orientation and provide frequent visual reminders on campus and online
  • embed and target support in to programs at every level
  • provide professional development for staff
  • implement a system of academic integrity champions (students and staff)
  •  ensure the use of new technology for detection and, more importantly, for education.

Register your interest to attend by contacting Ainslee Harvey (