[L-R] Professor Marie Herberstein with Dr Rachael Gallagher.
[L-R] Professor Marie Herberstein with Dr Rachael Gallagher.

A new tall poppy in our field

Macquarie researcher Dr Rachael Gallagher has been recognised with a prestigious Young Tall Poppy Science Award at a recent ceremony in Sydney.

Rachael, who is an ecologist, combines location data from digitised herbarium specimens with information on their functional traits to map and analyse patterns of plant function in the Australian landscape.

“A Young Tall Poppy offers a wonderful opportunity to work more closely with young people, communicating the results of my research. I am absolutely delighted to be part of initiatives which recognise the excellence and dedication of early-career researchers in science,” says Rachael.

The Tall Poppy awards, run by the Australian Institute of Policy and Science (AIPS) honour up-and-coming scientists who combine world-class research with a passionate commitment to communicating science. The awards are held on a state by state basis and celebrate researchers across science, engineering and mathematics.

“Many Young Tall Poppies go on to achieve even greater things and to become inspiring leaders in their field,” says AIPS General Manager, Camille Thomson. “They also become role models by working with the education and community sectors to encourage greater engagement in science.”

As part of the Young Tall Poppy campaign, Rachael will spend a year sharing her knowledge with school students, teachers and the broader community through workshops, seminars and public lectures.