Web Transformation Project update: Nine days and counting

With the content freeze complete, the build website is now open again for access with all templates and widgets now available.

This site will remain open for editing and checking until 4pm Friday 9 October.

Staff with edit privileges can access the new website at http://mq-public.clients.squiz.net/

Login with your OneID login and password to access.

Access issues
If you experience a 403 error, click this link and email the IP address displayed to web.project@mq.edu.au

If you experience other types of login issues, first try accessing the website via http://mq-public.clients.squiz.net/_nocache. If this still doesn’t work, email web.project@mq.edu.au

Windows of unavailability
Access to the build site will be unavailable between 4pm to 7am from Tuesday 6 October to Friday 9 October.

This will allow for additional technical work before go live.

Contact the Web Transformation Project team at web.project@mq.edu.au if these times present issues.

Quality checking
Significant work has already been completed on quality checking pages in preparation for go live on Monday 12 October, and for this, we are most appreciative. We can only publish complete sections of the website once we are certain the content and layouts are of high quality. In these last few days, we ask this work is prioritised to complete these tasks.

Updating page status
It’s important the status of pages is updated regularly as reports are run on the percentage completed in the build site.

  • New pages: Please update the status of these pages (marked as blue rows) on the content mapping spreadsheet.
  • Existing/migrated pages: Please update the status of these pages within the metadata, under the heading ‘administrative’. There are three check boxes, please select the relevant ones.

All templates and widgets have now been applied to the project build site and are available for use. There’s a plan for which template to apply to each page, so please work with us on the implementation. Refer to the Content Maintenance Guide for more information on how to utilise them.

Imagery was always a big consideration for the new website design. The simple sand-coloured header design prevalent on many of the page designs was deliberate and encourages the use of great imagery to help tell the story on each page.

When checking your pages:

  • did images on your pages migrate successfully?
  • have your images been loaded to the correct dimensions to take full advantage of the new page designs? Please refer to The Content Maintenance Guide for the right dimensions
  • are there more up-to-date or alternative image options available? Cumulus is updated almost daily with a great selection of new images from across the University.

News and events
The current WordPress sites will soon be connected to the public website build site. Training on how to use the news and events plugins will be available.

Please contact web.project@mq.edu.au if you require training.

URL redirects
If there are pages in the existing website which links to pages found in the new public website, URL redirects will need to be updated. Please refer to the content mapping spreadsheet on the tab ‘URL redirects’ and include all requested information.

Complete the updates in the spreadsheet by COB Wednesday 30 September to avoid having to do this manually yourself.