The power of the pedal

Some of us drive to work, and some of us catch a bus or train, but for others in our community, their travel is all down to pedal power. Now is your chance to join commuters across Australia by jumping on your bike and celebrating Ride2Work Day (or better known here at Macquarie as Ride2Uni Day) on Wednesday 14 October 2015.

More than 150,000 Australians are expected to demonstrate the power of the pedal as they hop on their bikes and enjoy the health benefits of riding to work. Information Technology Project Manager Andrew Elliston is encouraging all of us to give it a go.

“Riding to work is a great way for people to get active, de-stress and save money on petrol and parking,” says Andrew. “It’s also something you can easily fit around your busy work and family commitments.”

With more than two-thirds of Australians not getting enough exercise, this year Bicycle Network is aiming for 10,000 new riders to take part in Ride2Work Day – and to keep riding.

Chief External Relations Officer from Bicycle Network Chris Carpenter says Ride2Work Day plays an important role in inspiring Australians to jump on their bikes and get active.

“More than half of riders who start commuting to work on Ride2Work Day are still regularly riding twelve months later,” he says.

Ride2Uni Day
Featuring a free breakfast for all riders, ‘pimp-my-ride’ station, bicycle route and information stand, free bike health checks, slow bike race and a lucky prize draw.

When: Wednesday 14 October
Where: Central Courtyard
Time: From 8am

Register now.