FAME Festival a new beginning for Macquarie community

FAME Festival is a brand new two-day celebration of university and community life at Macquarie.

FAME will showcase the diversity of our campus community by bringing together food, music and people in a vibrant festival-style atmosphere.

The event will run from 10am on Wednesday 14 October and Thursday 15 October, and is open for everyone to attend, including students, staff, family and friends – the more the merrier!

Entry to FAME is free and will offer a wide variety of activities such as pop up food trucks, roller derby, live music, an international film festival, Oktoberfest celebrations and free rides and amusements. All events have free entry, however some elements to the Festival (such as food and drinks) will have independent pricing.

It is important for staff to note that classes will not be cancelled during the Festival, with the festival designed to allow students to attend activities and events around their class and assessment commitments.

More information on the Festival activities will be made available closer to the day, but to find out more now visit the FAME Festival website, and for any enquiries use the ‘Ask a Question’ form.