Review of the Museum of Ancient Cultures

Written submissions are invited from all staff for the review of the Museum of Ancient Cultures, within the Department of Ancient History, Faculty of Arts.

Please see the Review Terms of Reference (below). For a copy of the Self-Evaluation Review, please contact Carlene Kirvan at ( or call ext 8736.

Submissions should be sent to the acting secretary of the review, Carlene Kirvan at ( by 25 August 2015. Submissions will be treated in confidence and will only be sighted by the secretary to the review and the review panel itself.  No anonymous submissions will be accepted. The review panel may request that the person making the submission appear before the panel if further information is required.

To review the activities of the Museum of Ancient Cultures, including a range of management, resourcing, and quality enhancement issues relating to research, HDR, academic, and community engagement programs.

Terms of Reference – 2015 External Review

  1. Governance and management
  • Review the current governance structure.
  • Review current management practice and processes.
  1. Management of the Collection
  • Review the appropriateness of the current standard operating policies and procedures, including acquisition strategy.
  1. Purpose and use of the Museum
  • Review alignment with Our University: A Framing of Futures. Review the effectiveness of the Museum in meeting the needs of the current teaching, research and outreach activities.
  1. Schools Program in the Museum
  • Review the management of the Schools Program.
  1. Relationships between the Museum and external bodies
  • Review the relationship of the Museum with relevant external bodies, especially the relationship with the Australian Museum.
  1. Museum space
  • Review the physical requirements of the Museum and the current use of its space.
  1. Future directions
  • Recommend future development opportunities for the Museum of Ancient Cultures in terms of its resources, collection management, research, teaching and community engagement activities.