Science research excellence is in our nature

Macquarie’s research performance has been highlighted in the prestigious international science journal, Nature, ranking us alongside the Group of 8 Universities and the CSIRO in research output and placing Macquarie and Australia as destinations for science research.

The 2014 Nature Index represents Australia’s 10 leading institutions in research activity through a variety of different subjects, and Macquarie is the only non-Go8 university rated in the top 10.

This follows our recognition within the Asia-Pacific Index, which placed us eighth when compared with other Australian universities.

It was also noted by Nature that Macquarie’s research contributions to the publication involved extensive collaboration with scientists from other institutions and countries, demonstrating our commitment to being a world-recognised research collaborator of choice, as outlined in the Strategic Research Framework.

Professor Sakkie Pretorius Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) says “this recent analysis not only targets Macquarie as a destination for research training and scientific career opportunities; it also rates Australia very highly when compared to our Asia Pacific neighbours in terms of remuneration from academic employment and funding nationally per researcher.”