[Top] Lynette Jensen with Dr Ian Plant.
[Top] Lynette Jensen with Dr Ian Plant.

Hail Caesar!

The Museum of Ancient Cultures recently celebrated the donation of a new collection thanks to donor and Macquarie University alumna Lynette Jensen.

The Roman Forum collection encompasses a collection of original engravings and photographs from the beginning of printing to the 20th century. Lynette recently gifted the collection  to commemorate her 60th birthday, which coincides with Julius Caesar’s birthday.

“I set out to collect and curate a series of images of the Roman Forum that have strong visual impact and that are instructive individually and together,” Lynette said. “My main interest is in what the images have to tell us and teach us, and in how the medium of printing has played a central role in the spread of information and learning.”

She dedicated the collection specifically to Emeritus Prof Edwin Judge. He and Dr Ian Plant from the Department of Ancient History accepted the gift on behalf of the faculty and University, at a ceremony held at the museum.

“Our museum supports the teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate programs at Macquarie University, and this collection from our generous benefactor Lynette Jensen is an invaluable addition,” Dr Plant said. “I know our students, staff and visitors will thoroughly enjoying examining these images of the Roman Forum and learn a great deal from them.”

To see the collection, visit the Museum of Ancient Cultures Monday-Friday 9.30am-4.30pm.

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