Review of the Department of Indigenous Studies

Written submissions are invited from all staff for the review of the Department of Indigenous Studies, within the Faculty of Arts.

Please see the Review Terms of Reference (below) and for a copy of the Self-Evaluation Review, please contact Gina Lewis at or on ext. 8887.

Submissions should be sent to the secretary of the review, Gina Lewis, at by Wednesday 17 June 2015. Submissions will be treated in confidence and only be viewed by the secretary to the review and the review panel itself.  No anonymous submissions will be accepted. The review panel may request that the person making the submission appear before the panel if further information is required.

To review the activities of Indigenous Studies, including a range of management, resourcing, and quality enhancement issues relating to research, HDR, academic, and community engagement programs.

Terms of Reference – 2015 External Review

1. Governance, Leadership and Management
Review the effectiveness of the Department of Indigenous Studies planning, leadership and management structure, processes and resources in responding to Faculty and University strategic planning directions.

2. Academic Program
Review the appropriateness of the degrees, programs, and units offered by the Department of Indigenous Studies relative to Faculty and University priorities, employer and professional community demands.

3. Research
Review current research outputs, activity, and capability relative to Faculty and University objectives including opportunities for developing research and knowledge leadership.

4. Research Training
Review the HDR program, including admission standards, methodology and skills training, completion times and drop-out rates, supervision and reporting standards.

5. Staff and Student Profile
Review the alignment of academic, professional, and student profile relative to current and future objectives and plans.

6. Community Engagement
Review the scale, scope, and quality of community/industry engagement, including external/professional contribution to and referencing of, curriculum and research development. Particular attention is to be paid to the relationship between the Department of Indigenous Studies located in the Faculty of Arts and the Indigenous Strategy Group, reporting to the DVC Academic office.

7. Future Directions
Recommend future development opportunities for the Department of Indigenous Studies in terms of its resources, research, teaching and community/industry engagement activity.