Framing of Futures gains momentum

The implementation of initiatives from Our University: A Framing of Futures continues in 2015 with a number of projects completed with many others making steady progress.

2014 concluded with the inaugural University Annual Conference and the launch of the Macquarie University Business Model Competition – a pilot initiative to support the development of student business ideas at Macquarie – and 2015 has commenced with steady progress of our strategic initiatives.

Strategic focus areas
The Executive Group identified a number of strategic focus areas for this year including our Academic health enterprise, the international college and the new City Campus at its February Executive Retreat.

Shared Identity
The Shared Identity project launched the University’s new brand narrative and visual identity to the public earlier this year. Key achievements include the re-skin of the university’s web presence, brand training for more than 750 staff, students and suppliers, and collaboration across the campus to deliver over 800 brand compliant pieces of collateral.

New Director for the Centre for the Health Economy
In February, the University welcomed industry expert Dr Henry Cutler as the new Director of the Macquarie University Centre for the Health Economy. Dr Cutler’s focus is on economic research into the National Disability Insurance Scheme, health financing, mental health, workforce, eHealth, aged care, medical R&D and medical technology. In addition, the Centre will provide much-needed economic evaluation resources for many research projects across the campus.

Business Process Improvement Initiative (BPII)
BPII ‘Lean’ is now an established part of how we operate and improve our processes at Macquarie with a steady stream of new processes being reviewed through the Rapid Improvement Process.

Learning and Teaching Green Paper
Released last month, the Learning and Teaching Green Paper was made available for discussion, encouraging staff to engage with its ideas to inform and develop the University’s Learning and Teaching Framework. Staff are invited to register for the upcoming Learning and Teaching Green Paper town hall meeting Tuesday 9 June.

Excellence in Research for Australia
Last month also saw the successful certification and completion of our 2015 Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) submission with results to be communicated later this year. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Sakkie Pretorius says the ERA team are now involved in producing a post-ERA discussion paper aimed at improving and streamlining our processes for future ERA rounds.

Repositioning PACE
The strategic initiative ‘Repositioning PACE’ is now complete, with a key outcome of a more effective and accurate representation of PACE (Professional And Community Engagement) as a differentiating driver of choice for the University. The goal of full implementation of PACE in 2016, which will see all new undergraduate students completing PACE as a degree requirement, is on track. When fully implemented, PACE will connect more than 8000 students each year with one of over 1300 PACE parners.

2015 Annual Conference
Planning for the 2015 Annual Conference is underway with intention to build upon the success of 2014’s inaugural event, and continue to build momentum around the University’s strategic priorities.

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