The end of another ERA

On Thursday 9 April Macquarie successfully certified and completed its 2015 Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) submission. This system of assessment, run by the Australian Research Council (ARC), evaluates the quality of the research conducted at all Australian universities and, subsequently communicates to the world their respective research strengths.

“Developing the best possible submission for ERA is one of the top priorities for the University,” said Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Sakkie Pretorius. “This has been a real team effort and I would like to thank everyone who played a role in helping us finalise this significant piece of work.”

Professor Pretorius says he is confident the outstanding work of our researchers and research support staff will again be reflected in the ERA ratings we receive, and that these results will strongly underpin the achievement of the objectives and targets outlined in the Strategic Research Framework.

“Macquarie has been very fortunate to be guided through the complex process of developing its ERA submission under the experienced and thoughtful leadership of Professor Peter Nelson, and together we would like to acknowledge the vital contributions from:

  • the Steering Committee (including our Associate Deans, Research);
  • the Research Office and the ResearchOnline team;
  • our Faculty Research Managers;
  • our Field of Research Code Champions and Advisors; and
  • the myriad of units and teams involved in the process of developing a high quality submission.

“Many thanks also to Dr Andy Pleffer and the ERA team for driving this project over the finish line,” he said.

Professor Pretorius explains that the ERA team is now involved in producing a post-ERA discussion paper aimed at improving and streamlining Macquarie’s processes for future ERA rounds.

“Now that every university in Australia has made its ERA submission, the ARC will commence the evaluation phase of the exercise and we will pass the baton to our esteemed Macquarie colleagues who have been selected as Peer Reviewers and members of the ARC’s Research Evaluation Committees.

“The hard work of these individuals over the coming months is much appreciated by myself and the greater Macquarie community, and I look forward to sharing the results of our ERA submission with you later this year,” said Professor Pretorius.