Professional staff agreement ballot opens today

Professional staff are reminded that the ballot for the professional staff enterprise agreement is now open. All current continuing, fixed term and casual professional staff members covered by the enterprise agreement are eligible to vote.

The University and the Unions have reached agreement on the proposed professional staff Enterprise Agreement and it needs to be endorsed in a ballot of the professional staff of the University in order to be approved.

Information, including a copy of the proposed Enterprise Agreement and a summary of its terms, can be found online. Hard copies are also available for viewing in the Human Resources office or via the Special Reserve section in the Library.

To vote, simply go to and provide your staff number (without the MQ prefix) and date of birth to log in and cast your vote. Once you have voted, you will not be able to vote again. You can access the voting website from any computer or web-enabled device at any time until 4pm on Wednesday 29 April.

If you have any queries about the online voting process please contact Leah Angrisano, Employee Relations (ext. 9775 or

The outcome of the ballot will be announced next week.