Vice-Rector Professor Lúcia Martins-Pacheco. Photo: Peter McDonald.
Vice-Rector Professor Lúcia Martins-Pacheco. Photo: Peter McDonald.

Olá e obrigada (hello and thank you)

Earlier this month, visiting Universities Australia Brazilian delegate, Vice-Rector Professor Lúcia Martins-Pacheco from the Federal University of Santa Catarina, Florianopolis (UFSC), spent a week at Macquarie to develop an understanding of our governance and structure, and to explore opportunities to increase collaborations between our universities.

“UFSC aims to become an international university, and this opportunity has given me many ideas to encourage our researchers to come to Macquarie and experience new ways of managing and developing their research,” said Professor Martins-Pacheco.

With 63 Federal Universities in Brazil, and with newer ones established in areas in need of economic development, Professor Martins-Pacheco says UFSC must be very strategic with its expenditure to ensure it meets their objectives and contribute to the country. “Our contribution must include qualifications in areas the population needs in educational and research areas, and help industry become and remain competitive.”

Professor Martins-Pacheco explains the Brazilian federal government provides support for the development of researchers through opportunities for international visiting fellows as well as opportunities for Brazilian researchers to cooperate internationally in scientific and technical projects.

This support has already enabled shared research and cotutelle opportunities.

“Our Universities share a common interest in oyster research, including production, diseases, and water quality. Given the city of Florianopolis is responsible for about 90% of the oysters available in Brazil, Macquarie’s research is very compatible with ours in aquaculture.

“The experience of cotutelle students between our two Universities has been most pleasing, with students conducting lab tests at Macquarie and field tests in Brazil. Furthermore, the hospital at UFSC implants cochlear technology and our University now offers a course in phonoaudiology,” said Professor Martins-Pacheco.

Impressed by Macquarie’s facilities and welcoming staff, Professor Martins-Pacheco says the campus design provides a wonderful space for students and staff to collaborate.

“Our relationship with Macquarie will be beneficial for both staff and students and an opportunity to learn from each other. This relationship will be good for both Australia and Brazil.”