Celebrating with service

The Vice-Chancellor has announced that the Executive Group will be serving breakfast to all staff on 20 November in thanks for our hard work throughout Macquarie’s Jubilee year.

“We’re a University of service and engagement and a simple, yet very meaningful way to lead by example in pursuit of those values, is for my Executive colleagues and I to express our gratitude by serving you all at a celebratory meal,” said the Vice-Chancellor, Professor S Bruce Dowton.

Our Jubilee year provided new challenges and opportunities that Professor Dowton feels we’ve met with great enthusiasm. “Our jubilee gave us a chance to share our stories, renew friendships and reflect on our history,” he said. “We have welcomed old and new friends to campus to reconnect with alumni, business partners and former colleagues. It also presented a unique opportunity for renewal, bringing us together behind a new shared identity that owes as much to our history as it does to our vision of the future.”

Beyond the events and celebrations, the Vice-Chancellor is confident that we’ve also gained a momentum that will carry us forward for the next 50 years. “The end of this year is just the beginning of that story,” he said, “and next year we shall continue our journey towards a brighter future for Macquarie University.”

Jubilee Celebration Breakfast
Don’t miss this opportunity to come together as a University for the final time in this remarkable year and celebrate everything we have achieved together in 2014.

When: 8.30am to 10am, Thursday 20 November
Where: Lakeside

Please RSVP and advise us of any dietary or access requirements you may have. We will do our best to meet your needs.


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